Title: Creativity and Education: Exploring the Imbalance

Released: March 2014

Inspired by the Newsweek article ‘The Creativity Crisis’, educator Matthew Worwood explores how changes to education policy have reduced opportunities to nurture and cultivate creative thinking skills in the classroom.

Through interviews with educators, academics and creativity scholars, ‘Creativity and Education: Exploring the Imbalance’ examines the challenges that educators now face when it comes to cultivating creativity in school while teaching the content that is measured on the test. DOWNLOAD PRESS PACK HERE.

Operation Ceasefire

In 2008, Matthew co-produced a short film for the charity ISLES. The film documents a campaign called Operation Ceasefire, who's mission is to stop the next shooting in Trenton, NJ.

Selhurst Park

In 2010, Matthew produced a short film in honor of his Father. Selhurst Park tells the story of Raymond Worwood in his final season as a supporter of Crystal Palace football club.

The Creativity Crisis

After learning of a study that suggested creativity in education has declined since the 1990s, educator Matthew Worwood decided this would be a prominent topic to explore as part of a documentary film about creativity in education.